30th Street Burnell/McLauchlin Event

This past Saturday (January 17th, 2015) our 30th Street gallery held an event in honor of two local artists of the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, Robert Burnell and Thomas McLauchlin. It was such a pleasure getting to know both of these gentlemen and learning a little of their history.

Thomas McLauclin (left) Robert Burnell (right)

Thomas McLauclin (left) Robert Burnell (right)

Both are Portsmouth, VA natives. To learn more about Robert Burnell and see more of his work Go Here. Also to learn more about Thomas McLauclin and see more of his work Go Here. This will give you an idea as to what you will find at our 30th Street gallery in Virginia Beach if you are ever in the area and would like to stop by.

Various paintings by Robert Burnell

30th Street Burnell/McLauchlin event

There was a huge turn out for this event! So many people were impressed with the various art works and jewelry we have to offer. I love going to these events and watching peoples reactions to the various sculptures and artwork. I’ve always felt that our 30th Street gallery is the perfect place to start for any first time art collector.

Thomas McLauchlin (left) and Master Sculptor, Richard Stravitz




Painting by Louie Roybal III

Article By Delores Kosciuszko

Running a Fine Art Gallery requires wearing many different hats throughout a day. And, as with most worthwhile endeavors, the roller coaster ups and downs keep you holding onto those hats. Undoubtedly, one of the highest peaks is in discovering a brand new talent. It is rarer still to come across such a fine talent who likewise possesses every attribute needed to take the world by storm. Louie Roybal III is that artist. His youthful outlook, home-grown wisdom and impeccable manners are just the beginning. Roybal walked into our Laskin Road gallery and a match was struck that ignited fireworks. We are currently exhibiting five of his intriguing medieval watercolors, three of which have become mainstream book covers. The Richard Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Art Gallery is proud to introduce, and honored to represent, a bright star rising, Louie Roybal III.
Visit his website: http://www.LouieRoybal.com