Oil Painting by Denis Ribas

Oil Painting by Denis Ribas

Article written by Delores Kosciuszko

International athlete, Denis Ribas of France, creates each painting outdoors in one sitting. His vigorous brushstrokes and lively compositions cause the oil paintings to sway with rhythms that are reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh. Forty-two countries now hail Ribas as a highly collected artist. The Stravitz gallery on Laskin Road is honored to be the debut gallery for Denis Ribas work in the USA, with an exhibition in April. Several of his pieces have arrived and are now available for eager collectors.




Glass art by Lisa Mote

Article By Delores Kosciuszko

Virginia Beach just marked its 58th year hosting over 200,000 attendees who came to partake of the Boardwalk Art Show. This four day festival is one of the most iconic outdoor art shows on the Eastern Seaboard and it attracts artists from across the nation. It also attracts Art Consultants, like me, who go to cull the best of the best in order to offer clients and Hampton Roads residents the opportunity to collect remote works of unique art year-round. One of our top picks this year was the dazzling glass wall art by Lisa Mote of Georgia. Several of her 6 ft tall artworks are now on exhibit and available at our fine art location on Laskin Road. Come hear how this artist-welder orchestrates the intricate process, over the course of three kiln firings, to create these resplendent works of art.