Painting by Holly Markhoff

Article By Delores Kosciuszko

We are seeing a rise in the purchase of representational abstracts. This genre of painting can be executed in many types of medium. It is most often indicated as mixed media because it frequently makes use of various elements. Two noted artists in our gallery that produce exceptional representational abstract paintings have garnered impressive followings with artwork that is sought after across the continent. They are, V Noe – of the colorful landscapes, and Holly Markhoff – of the elongated women and vivid floral patterns.  Vivian Noe will be one of the featured artists in June at our Laskin Road location, along with Steve Griffith, who is famous for his lush impressionistic gardens.  Holly Markhoff will be featured in October at our Laskin Road location, along with a surprise celebrated artist from Russia. (Think angels) and stay tuned.