The Raku Ladies

So this is a post from a different blog that we have used, and I really think it’s something that is worth be blogging about here. It’s certainly a unique medium that I’ve never heard of until about a couple of months ago. One of our very own, Nathalie Graham from the 30th Street gallery at Virginia Beach.

These are so fun looking!

These are so fun looking!

Here’s what she wrote:

“Our 30th Street Gallery has just received delightful new pieces: Martha Hayes’ “Raku Ladies”.  These original works are truly one of a kind, as the raku firing process never creates the same result twice. Martha explains how this works:

“The raku firing process began in Japan about 400 years ago. In this process the pots are taken from a red hot kiln (about 1800 degrees) and placed in a combustible material in a closed container, creating an oxygen-free atmosphere which sparks a chemical reaction called reduction. This reduction process creates metallic effects on the surface of the pots. During the reduction all of the available oxygen molecules in the atmosphere, clay and glazes are used to create combustion. Therefore the carbon left in the atmosphere seeps into the unglazed areas on the pot turning the clay black.

“The raku process is affected by many variables – changes in the atmosphere during the firing, speed of reduction and the type of combustible material used, to name a few. The effects are spontaneous and immediate and never the same”.”




Painting by Holly Markhoff

Article By Delores Kosciuszko

We are seeing a rise in the purchase of representational abstracts. This genre of painting can be executed in many types of medium. It is most often indicated as mixed media because it frequently makes use of various elements. Two noted artists in our gallery that produce exceptional representational abstract paintings have garnered impressive followings with artwork that is sought after across the continent. They are, V Noe – of the colorful landscapes, and Holly Markhoff – of the elongated women and vivid floral patterns.  Vivian Noe will be one of the featured artists in June at our Laskin Road location, along with Steve Griffith, who is famous for his lush impressionistic gardens.  Holly Markhoff will be featured in October at our Laskin Road location, along with a surprise celebrated artist from Russia. (Think angels) and stay tuned.