Singular Focus: Variations on a Theme by Chuck Larivey

Koi and Lillies by Chuck Larivey

Virginia artist Chuck Larivey’s Singular Focus – Variations on a Theme collection is one to behold! Larivey is known internationally for his captivating use of translucent light in oil paintings. Specializing in vibrant atmospheric and water effects, Larivey has a fabulous new collection of koi fish and water lily paintings that we are excited to display at the Stravitz Fine Art Gallery on Laskin Road.

Larivey began painting koi and lilies in 2010, inspired by the koi fish at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia. He has always enjoyed painting flowers, and he quickly came to love the artistic freedom this subject allowed him in terms of colors, composition, size and scale. He also loves that this is a subject that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Larivey has enjoyed having one “singular focus” to paint, as he feels this has allowed him to improve and perfect his new style of hyper-realism.

The artist has always been fascinated with light and reflective objects. Understanding light and color as one and the same comes naturally to him. In all his paintings, he follows light and expresses it through vibrant colors. In his koi and lily collection, this is especially apparent in the green lily pads whose color pops out of the dark water.

Chuck Larivey’s new collection will be on display at the Stravitz Sculpture and Fine Art Gallery on Laskin Road through the month of April until May 3rd. Come and experience these beautiful new works!

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