Advertising in Alumni and Sports Magazines

Article written by Richard Stravitz

Some time ago it was discussed about the possibility of selling the idea of making a bronze mascot or other sculpture to a number of colleges, universities, and or athletic organizations in the United States. More to the point it was thought that it would be best if we first applied our efforts to the states of Virginia and North Carolina to make follow up and coordination easier than if we spread ourselves too thin around the country. I know an effort was made to get the idea in to several colleges in the area, but with little success that I am aware of. I am going to throw out a different approach to getting us accepted into the schools and athletic organizations in the area mentioned above. Keep in mind, if it works in this limited area it could work in Canada, England, Germany, etc.. anywhere the colleges and sport organizations and their sports organizations. I tried to get a sample of the sports organizations without much luck. It looks like the Alumni info is easy to get and their magazines are generally published quarterly. Sports info and magazined will (it seems), require some digging and interpretation. What are we trying to do? We are trying to present our Mascot and Sports bronze sculpture program. We would like to advertise our sculpting expertise by buying spaces in Alumni and Sports magazines. If there is an interest in what we are advertising they can visit our website here:!commission/c6m3 The difference in this approach is that we are offering advertising dollars and if the Alumni and/or Sports organizations want it, we can produce exquisite sculptures reasonably priced that will make them proud.