Art That Evokes the Imagination

As she sits in the water she looks off. Perhaps deep in thought or maybe waiting for someone.

As she sits in the water she looks off. Perhaps deep in thought or maybe waiting for someone.

“Evening Mermaid”- oil painting by Victor Nizovtsev

Article written by- Jennifer Przadka



Albert Einstein once said, “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” I couldn’t agree more. Victor Nizovtsev has certainly drawn freely upon his imagination and has brought it to life with his oil paintings. He has captured the very essence of what dreams are made of. His paintings tell a story only found in fables and children’s books. His characters include many imaginary keynotes such as floating lanterns, beautiful mermaids, richly-colored jesters, playful children riding on frogs and floating teapots. Each of his paintings tell us a story of a world that we all as children have dreamed of. Perhaps some of us who are still kids at heart, still do. Each painting of Victors is portrayed with vivid color and brilliant aspects of decorative texture.

At the Stravitz gallery on Laskin Rd, we have a collection of his wonderful paintings on exhibit. One is a magnificent piece of work depicting a mermaid staring off as if deep in thought, sitting among these lit, floating lanterns. Her manner is that of serene beauty. Her blue and golden fishtail is magnificent. The scales on her tail are coin-like, that virtually glimmer as if they were real.

Nizovtsev was born on August 29, 1965 in a region known as Ulan-Ude, next to Lake Baical in Russia. His family moved to the Republic of Moldava when Victor was young. He grew up in the town of Hincesti, 30 miles southeast of the capital of Moldava, Chisinau. At age seven he entered Hincesti’s Art School for Children where he studied for five years. In the 9th grade, Victor left home to study at Ilia Replin School for Art in Chisinau. His university plans were interrupted when he left for a mandatory two-year stint in the army where his talents were used to paint military plans and pro-military billboards. After the army he entered the prestigious Vera Muhina University for Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1993 Victor finished his degree as fashion designer and decorative painter. He then returned to Hincesti where he began painting for galleries in St. Petersburg and Chisinau. Victor presently resides in the United States.

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